Get to know the common questions asked about us.

What does the price include?
The price includes delivery, setup installation, and pick up.
Can I keep the greeting longer than 24 hours?
Yes, for a small additional fee, subject to availability.
What do I need to do to prepare for the setup?
Please water the front yard grass the day prior and the morning of the setup. If there is a gate code, please make sure you have included it in your booking. Refunds will not be issued for signs that cannot be delivered due to no gate code.
Can I have yard work done when the signs are in the yard?
Please do not do any yard work such as cutting or trimming the grass, or other yard work while our signs are in your yard. You are responsible for any damage to our signs while they are on your property. Signs are $25 per sign if any damage occurs.
When do you set up and pick up?
We set up between 3 pm – 12 am a day prior to the day of the event and we pick up between 12 am -12 pm the day after the event.
Can I request additional celebration signs?
Yes, additional birthday signs ad celebration signs are available for a small fee but based on availability.
What payment methods are accepted?
We accept all major forms of credit card payment and we accept Zelle payments (please let us know if you need to make a Zelle payment.)
Where will my sign be placed in my yard?
Our expert yard specialists will use their best judgments to determine where and how the sign will be placed to ensure optimized visibility. If you have a specific spot in mind, please let us know when you do the booking and we will do our best to accommodate it.
Can you pick up the sign early if I need it?
Yes, we can pick the signs up earlier if needed, just let us know.
What happens in severe/extreme weather conditions?
Safety is our first priority. SGS specialists will not risk their safety to setup during severe weather conditions. If we are unable to setup due to severe weather, we will work with you to set up at another time or give you a refund. However, if the setup has been completed and we have to take down the sign earlier than expected due to severe weather to prevent danger to you and to people in the community, no refund will be given since we’ve completed the order.
Do you service schools, businesses, and churches? What is the policy for their delivery?
Yes, permission is required to set up at a school or business.  If you do not have the permission and we are unable to set up on arrival or required to remove the display, no refund will be given.
What is the policy for damaged products?

All the signs are property of Simply Grand Style, LLC. The bookie (person doing the booking) will be responsible for missing or damaged lawn signs, as they are the ones agreeing to our terms and conditions. If the order is for someone else, we suggest you send them a copy of our terms and conditions. Signs are $25 per sign if any damage occurs.

Please remember that no lawn activities should be done while our signs are in the yard i.e. cutting the grass, sports activities , etc..

What is your refund policy?

Cancellation: We understand that plans change and we will work with you to reschedule your delivery if something comes up. If cancellation is done 7 days before the set-up day, a full refund will be issued, if cancellation is 72 hours before setup day, half of the booking rate will be refunded.

Bad weather: refunds are issued if extreme weather conditions prevent us from setting up your birthday sign. 

You will not receive a refund if:

  • Homeowner or recipient stops us from installing the greeting
  • The homeowner or recipient calls us to remove the greeting
  • You provide the incorrect address or date
  • We cannot access the gated community/security guard to enter the delivery location
  • Interference/danger from animals that put us at risk. Again we do not risk our safety or yours for setups.
  • Any other reason we cannot setup the greeting that is beyond our control.
What are your terms and conditions policy?