SGS Quarterly Highlight….Our Community Involvement

What is the ‘SGS Quarterly Highlight’? We’re so glad you asked!!!!

SGS Quarterly Highlight is truly one of the many highlights of our business where we chose to spread joy and bring smiles to unsuspecting person in our community. Once a quarter, we select one unsuspecting person to surprise with what we call our ‘Yard Card Blast Out’.

With the able help of our community members and churches, we pick an unsuspecting deserving person to fill their yard with our joyful cards and put a smile on their face. We work with our team, community churches, schools and ministries to surprise and encourage people that need it.

Feel free to reach out to us to nominate an awesome recipient that you might know and why they deserve it, and they just might be the lucky winner.

Whoever we pick, the ultimate goal of the SGS Quarterly Highlight is to spread joy and bring smiles to one unsuspecting person at a time, but shhhh cause it’s always a surprise.